Danielle Le Blanc


Operations Director

email: danielle@ncbloc.black

What brings you joy?

Nature! Gardening, walking on trails… just being outside. Also… I love creating…drawing or painting. Reading a good SciFi book. And of course hanging with my nieces & nephews.

What is your vision for your role at BLOC?

To help make things run smoothly for NCBLOC staff, members, fellows and grantees. I’m happy to join a great group of folk dedicated on shifting the material conditions for Black communities in North Carolina. I think NCBLOC is a great model that can be replicated around the country.

What does freedom mean to you? 

Being able to live in joyful moments. Having the ability to take care of your needs, pursue your dreams, grow your talents & create good memories with loved ones.

Call me if you need...

Help filling out that payment request!