A Juneteenth Initiative

Sunday, June 16th- Saturday, June 22nd, 2024










What is Fund Black Futures?


To mobilize our ecosystem, NC BLOC invites you to become active in our campaign to  focus our energy, resources and action on shifting the material conditions for Black communities in North Carolina and throughout the United States.

During this week long initiative we are asking everyone to join us in the efforts that build cross movement solidarity, connect to resources and create the space to imagine sustainable alternatives for the communities we serve.

To create some ease and to get folks started we have created a toolkit with accessible ways to GET ACTIVE!!!

NC BLOC, our members, eco-system and partners all believe, Our collective action holds power. Join us in the effort to create a future where we are all free.

What is Juneteenth?

We honor Juneteenth as a day of reflection and action to commemorate the end of chattel slavery in the United States in 1865, the progression we are currently experiencing, and the dreams we dare to envision for our future generations. 

As the Civil War came to a close in 1865, a number of people remained enslaved, especially in remote areas. Word of slavery’s end traveled slowly, and for those who were largely isolated from Union armies, life continued as if freedom did not exist.

This was especially the case in Texas, where thousands of our enslaves ancestors were not made aware of emancipation until June 19, 1865. Their emancipation celebration serves as the seed for our Fund Black Futures initiative.

How Can I Get Active?


NC BLOC members are committed to working together to build relationships, gain political alignment, and building a strong Black-led statewide movement that makes it possible to improve the quality of life in Black and marginalized communities through community building and policy changes.

NC BLOC and countless partners and allies mobilized thousands of people across the state to allow for equitable distribution of resources towards: program implementation, financial assistance, educational assistance, and basic needs.


Check Out What We have been up to

NCBLOC and our members have been building campaigns for community-led safety, building people power, and justice. Our Development Team has curated a mid-year report that amplifies the efforts of our members, partners and eco system. 


Check Out Our Mid Year Report

Tap Into Political Education

In remembrance of Juneteenth, NC BLOC is inviting you to join us for Fund Black Futures Organizing Essentials. The Organizing team at NC BLOC have co-curated this 6 part, self-paced, virtual learning space. Each module includes, videos, downloadable tools and resources for further learning. 

This series of short training modules are designed to help create a shared understanding and collective grounding for our ecosystem and other folks committed to shifting the material conditions of Black people in North Carolina. 


Support The People's Response Campaign


Building on the findings of our Perspectives on Community Safety report with GenForward, and rooted in our Vision for Black Lives, this campaign aims to demonstrate our community’s desire for nationwide non-police wellness and mental-health first-response systems. 

Through our People’s Response Fellowship, 20 organizations, in partnership with M4BL, will lead campaigns in their cities for community-led safety responses that create real safety solutions and invest in our communities’ mental health and wellness. Each local campaign will lay the foundation for the adoption of non-punitive solutions for addressing harm in our communities.

Take Action

Come to Action Camp

Action Camp brings together brilliant and solution-oriented teachers, organizations, facilitators, collaborators, and change agents from across the state of North Carolina. In this space, we can share best practices, techniques, and skills. We can learn, grow and build our future together. 

Protect Black Freedoms Action Camp is Interactive 2-day training on various Community Organizing & Base-building tactics. 

JULY 12 -14, 2024

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Protect Black Freedoms


Protect Black Freedom is a campaign focused on shifting the material conditions of Black people in North Carolina through community building, relational organizing, and civic engagement.
We hope to end the exploitation, over-policing, and violence Black and working-class communities face in North Carolina.
Protect Black Freedoms is committed to centering the needs of our people and building communities that can heal and be heard.
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