Protect Black Freedoms Action Camp is Interactive 2-day training on various Community Organizing & Base-building tactics. 

JULY 12 -14, 2024

location: Carrboro, NC

 North Carolina Black Leadership & Organizing Collective has a commitment to supporting the people and their power to shift the material conditions for Black communities in North Carolina. 

Action Camp brings together brilliant and solution-oriented teachers, organizations, facilitators, collaborators, and change agents from across the state of North Carolina. In this space, we can share best practices, techniques, and skills. We can learn, grow and build our future together. 



What to expect:

Action Camp is open to all skill levels for individuals who are 16 years and older. During this event, participants will have the ability to choose a track of choice and will be immersed in that field for a full day. On Sunday, each participant will have the opportunity to put their new skills and planning into action.

What tracks can we choose from?

Organizing  & Community Engagement


Healing & Culture

Skills & Leadership Development


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can come to Action Camp?

Action Camp is open to everyone who is committed in shifting the conditions of Black, poor, and working class people. NC BLOC and our action Camp Space centers and proritizes Black & POC folks who would otherwise have access.  


Is child care provided?

Child care is provide by request on the registration, with an options for on site or stipends for personal coverage.


Is food/housing provided?

 Housing and food are provided with registration, we do ask orgazations who have the ability to cover the cost of housing for their folks. 


Is there a virtual option to attend? 

At the moment there is not. 

Will sessions be recorded?

At the moment it will not be.


What Covid protocols will be in place?

We have Pod Covid Protocol which means we all test and commit to being accountable to each other in they space. Participants are given a PPE, a covid test with two tests upon arrival. Folks are asked to take the test and send negative results to the host. 

How do I participate as a trainer/space holder at Action Camp?

Email Blu at [email protected] or Mary at [email protected]

How can I support Action Camp?

 Make a donation, and volunteer by emailing Blu or Mary.