kelley nicole palmer


Communications Manager


Meet with me

What brings you joy?

Being near the sea, hiking, cooking plant-based foods, gardening, the joy of others, learning new things, good books, beautiful sunsets, collaging, museums, and books.

What is your vision for your role at BLOC?

I envision being apart of a trusted organization that holds space for Black people to self-determine their needs/wants. I envision using my skills, connections, and resources to keep communication open within NCBLOC and our greater ecosystems. 

What does freedom mean to you? 

Freedom = Liberation. Liberation = wholeness. 

I consider freedom/liberation/wholeness as something we claim moment by moment and breath by breath. It is our ability to BE. To have what we need in the BEing. With ease, peace, and joy. 

Call me if you need...

1. Support in sharing the work you are doing

2. To ideate on expansive visions of Black Liberation.