What's The Tea?

“...I was born a Black woman
and now
I become a Palestinian
against the relentless laughter of evil
there is less and less living room
and where are my loved ones?
It is time to make our way home.”


We are witnessing an ongoing genocide powered by colonialism, racism, and capitalism. As Black people, we deserve spaces to learn, unlearn, investigate, and re-imagine history, solidarity, and the current landscape of our world. There is a long history of connection, collaboration and solidarity between Black Liberation Movements, Pan-Africanism and the Palestinian Liberation Movement. Our collective understanding of this history can be a tool for continued solidarity in the face of our current reality.


Join Holden Cession and Blu Lewis for a teach-in for folks wanting to learn more about the history of the Palestine Movement and the intersections with Black Liberation and & Pan-Africanism. 


WHEN: Wednesday, 11/8 at 630pm EST

WHERE: virtual on Zoom

FOR WHO: Black People. This is a Black Autonomous Space. This space is led by Black people for Black people.

For non-Black people who wish to support this space or the work being done please consider: 

  • Sharing this offering with Black people you know.