Mary Taylor Lyons


Leadership Development Project Manager

email: [email protected]

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What brings you joy?

Art, Crafts, Baking, Lego's & Puzzles, beaches, Good Food, Reading, My Plants, Decorating for holidays- I have a lot of hobbies and love learning how to do new things

What is your vision for your role at BLOC?

I envision my role as one that can provide many different opportunities to honestly assess where folks skills and politic can grow in ways that they, their community, and their values can be hones and practiced.

What does freedom mean to you? 

Being able to learn, dream and create with full autonomy and awareness that your "success" or "failure" is not tied to your intrinsic person-hood and will not threaten your safety or material security. I hope that real and accountable freedom will lead to innovative answers and further question in service of community.

Call me if you need...

Support in finding tools, models, resources, or trainings that will help you or your collective grow or (re)assess your approach.